Welcome to Gretta’s Table

This is my table. Nothing makes me happier than to offer you a seat, feed you good food, a fun beverage and chat about the things we want to do, places we want to go and what’s for dinner! I’m so happy you decided to join me! I thought we’d start off by sharing a little about my actual table…….


My table recently got a little make over thanks to some great dinnerware by Project 62, and a perfectly simple table runner by Magnolia’s Hearth & Hand, all available at Target. The wood bowl, I picked up from Home Goods and the cake saver (rarely if ever, used for cake, but most always used for cookies and banana muffins) was a thoughtful gift, I believe, purchased from Williams Sonoma, years ago. The water glasses are hand-me-downs and old, just the way I like it! I love old, timeless pieces….I think that’s why it took me so long to find dinnerware I was ready to commit to. This is heavy, sustainable stoneware. I love the look of handmade pottery, but couldn’t see paying that much for an entire set. Let’s be real, with two teenagers in the house, I would be loosing my sh*t if they broke it!  I swear they break dishes on purpose sometimes just so they can get out of doing the dishes.  So, at $59.99, this set is simple, beautiful, suits my life just fine right now and will compliment the fun pottery pieces I will pick up on my travels. img_5735


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